Fantasy girl names

Fantasy girl names
Fantasy girl names

In this article is we will provide Fantasy girl names English text .Fantasy girl names are names that are often found in fantasy literature, movies, and games. They are usually whimsical, magical and create a sense of wonder and adventure. Some examples of fantasy girl names include:

Fantasy girl names

Name Meaning Origin
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Aeress Form of Eris Greek
Aerilyn Beautiful Air American
Aerith Created Name American
Aerona Celtic Goddess Welsh
Aeronwen Fair, blessed berries Welsh
Aeryn Ireland American
Aeverie Elf counsel English
Aithne Fire Gaelic
Aldith Seasoned warrior; battle-seasoned English
Allexina Man’s defender Greek
Alyx Defender, protector Greek
Ambrozia Immortal Greek
Aquata Water Latin
Araxie River that inpires poetic talent Armenian


Fantasy girl names with meaning

Name Meaning Origin
Arya Faithful friend Persian
Aurora Goddess of dawn Latin
Azul The Color Blue Spanish
Azur Helper Hebrew
Azzie Short for Azalea English
Azzura Sky blue Spanish
Bird Bird English
Blossom Flower-like English
Blythe Blithe, cheerful, carefree English
Caerlion Voice of God. Scottish
Caerwyn White Fortress Welsh
Calandra Lovely one Greek
Calixte Very Beautiful Greek
Cersei Bird Greek
Cithara Guitar Greek


best Fantasy girl names

Name Meaning Origin
Daenerys Created name American
Dauphine Heir Apparent French
Delilah Delicate Hebrew
Dex Diminutive form of Dexter English
Domino Lord Latin
Dream Unconscious vision or thought English
Echo Reflected sound Latin
Elaxi Woman with Bright Eyes Indian (Sanskrit)
Electra Shining, bright, radiant Greek
Elva White, noble, bright Irish
Emberly Created name American
Eowyn Horse of Joy English
Erzilia Delicate Spanish
Eudoxia Good thought Greek
Ever Always American


Dark fantasy girl names

Name Meaning Origin
Evera Brave One English
Exie Anklet English
Exodus Exit of Large Group Greek
Ezzie Short form of Esmeralda Spanish
Fae Loyalty; belief French
Faeryn From the fairies. English
Felixa Happy and lucky Latin
Flavia Yellow hair Latin
Fleur Flower French
Forever Never Ending American
Gamora Created name American
Glinda Fair; good Welsh
Golda Golden woman English, Yiddish
Guinevere Fair one; white, smooth, soft Welsh
Gwenith Happiness Welsh


unique fantasy girls names

Name Meaning Origin
Hermione Messenger; earthly Greek
Imagica Created name American
Jinx Spell Latin
Kassandre Man’s defender, warrior Greek
Katniss Plant Name, Sagittaria Genus American
Leatrix Combination of Leah and Beatrix American
Leia Weary one Hebrew
Linnette Idol; linnet, a small songbird Welsh
Luna The moon Latin
Maertisa Famous English
Maeryn Combination of Mae and Taryn American
Magic Full of Wonder American
Margaery Pearl English
Maxima Greatest Latin
Melisandre Animal strength German


badass female fantasy names

Name Meaning Origin
Siri Beautiful victory Scandinavian
Sixta Sixth one Latin
Sol Sun Spanish
Vita Life Latin
Vix Victory Latin
Vox Voice Latin
Xamira Diamond Persian
Xanadu Mongolian City Asian
Xantara Protector of the Earth American
Xantha Yellow, blonde Greek
Xanthia Yellow, blonde Greek
Xanthippe “The yellow mare,” from the Greek xanthos (yellow) and hippos (horse), but, historically, the wife of Socrates and the symbol of a nagging wife.
Xaria Respelling of Zaria American
Xarissa Created Name American
Xava The New House American

best Fantasy girl names 2024

Name Meaning Origin
Xavia Bright, splendid; new house Spanish
Xeraphina Seraphim, Angel American
Xhosa South African Tribe African
Xironia “Sharp as a razor,” from the Greek xyron, a razor. Greek
Xyla Woodland; wood-dweller Greek
Xylina Woodland; wood-dweller Greek
Zatanna Created name American
Zoela Lump of earth Italian



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