MUTTON DUM BIRYANI/ Authentic mutton biryani.
Mutton- 1kg
Basmati rice- 1 kg
Onions- big size -6
For green masala- (2 cups –mint leaves, 1 cup- coriender, 16 green chillis,2 inch ginger and 25 garlic cloves)
Curd- 250 gms, 2 lemon
Whole spices- 1 spoon black cumin,7 bay leaves,2 inch cinamon,9 cloves,9 pepper corn,4 black cardamon,8 green cardamon
1 sp turmeric powder,6 sp red chilli powder, 3 spoon garam masala powder
For garam masala powder-
1 cup milk
3 drops kevda essance
Few strands of saffron
wash and soak rice for 2 hours
For green masala- grind ingredients of green masala by adding some water and make green masala.
Marinate mutton by adding, turmeric,red chilli ,garam masala,curd ,lemon juice, green masala and salt. Keep it for 2 hours
After 2 hours drain excess wa-ter from rice. Boil water for rice . in a pot, add 2 spoon ghee, add whole spices and rice, and then add boil water. Add water 2 to 3 inch above the level of the rice. Cook on high flame. Add salt. Once rice is cooked, drain excess water.
in a pot add oil and fry onion* till crisp brown. Once fried, remove fried onions and also excess oil.
Keep 70 % of fried onion to mix and mutton and rest for garnishing.
In same pot, in oil add cut tomatoes ,cook for a min and the add marinated mutton. Cover with lid with water on it and cook mutton for 30 mins, after 30 mins check , add water required, and again cook . once the mutton is cooked. Add fried onions(crush onion). Once onion added, mix . and keep on high flame till gravy reduces and becomes thick .
Now on flame keep heavy pan, keep pot on it. Layer cooked rice on mutton masala (put half quantity rice), spread saffron milk and kewda essance,ghee and garnish with fried onions. Again layer with remaining rice repeat the process. Once do-ne seal with foil and let it get dum of low flame for 45 mins. After 45 mins serve hot with raita.






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